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Bridal FAQ



What is the right hairstyle for my face shape?

​Round face:  Hairstyle that has good height on top and less width on the side.

Long face: Hairstyle should have more width and fullness on the side but avoid height.

Square Face: Hairstyle should have softness around the face & avoid pulling hair back too tight.

​Oval face: If this is your face shape, almost all the hairstyles will look great on you.


What should I do prior to getting my hair styled?

I can create different looks that suit your hair type, face shape and dress style.

Tell me about your dress, accessories, theme and color etc. Hair styles you like or don’t like. 

Possibly an idea of the bridal hair and make up that you would like to have on your wedding day. 

Help me imagine what you imagine. By doing so, it can save you a lot of time by skipping all the trial and error. We should also discuss timing and wedding agenda, to be sure to find the best suitable hairstyle that can last through the time, event, space and weather.

​Why should I get a hair trial?

A hair trial is not mandatory, but having one will lessen any stress and help overcome any
unforeseen bumps in the road on your wedding day.

Also ask your brides maids if they should get a trial. One picky bridesmaid can delay the entire bridal party so it's better to get that out of the way before your wedding day. 


When should I wash my hair?

Don’t wash your hair the day of your wedding if you can help it. Washing it the evening before would be a good time.

If you wash your hair on the day of your wedding, it may be too weighed down by the conditioner and wont be able to hold a curl or any definition.  But please don't leave it oily, because the hair or curls will be weighed down also.

Should I have you travel to my location?
It is very convenient for the bride to have someone come to location as the rest of her party may be getting ready with her. She will have everything she needs there and not have to worry about traveling time, place and traffic. During that time, she can be in her comfort zone and be easily be reached, located and updated by others. It is also a very special time to capture and embrace the moment that she is getting ready, and everyone is also getting with her.​


Why does it cost more for the bride's hair vs the bridesmaid's hair?

My brides are very special to me, so more time is allotted for her, as I always spend more time on her. I spend more time consulting with her, detailing every step of the way and making sure that I am creating the dream hair she is thinking of.

My bridesmaids are special to me too! And I will take care of their hair and make sure she too, will feel beautiful and satisfied.

My rates are also "starting prices". If I actually spend more time on a bridesmaid, the price will also reflect that as well.

​​I am interested! What should I do next?

Please email me the date, time and location of your event.

I will notify you of my availabilities and we can proceed with a contract being forwarded:


The contract will request for:

specific date, time, location and numbers of patrons requesting to receive services the wedding date.


Because many inquiries for the same dates do fill up quickly, a 50% deposit of the service total, along with this signed service contract is required to hold the day and time preference.


If a deposit is not made, the date and time will be assumed available and will be released on a first come, first served basis.


The deposit will be used towards the event day.


Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you!





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